Together We Can Fight Sickle cell

Welcome to Sickle Cell Council

We love visitors and are eager for you to become better acquainted with our nonprofit and Sickle Cell Disease and Trait.

What we do each day impacts the lives of people who live with this painful disease in the 26 PA Counties that we support. Various people contact the Sickle Cell Council (SCC) to ask for help for themselves, and/or, loved ones. After identifying people who are suffering silently, without the benefits of our services, we encourage them to start using our programs and services to make their lives easier.

If you would like to show your support for our nonprofit with a tax-deductible donation, just click on the Donate button, above. Whether you give one dollar, one hundred dollars, or one thousand dollars, any amount that you donate will help us help people stricken with this painful, life threatening disease, Sickle Cell.

Thank you for your heartfelt consideration to support our worthwhile cause!

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