SUPPORT GROUPS are a great resource for people to maintain control over their lives, to give and take from wisdom and experience that comes from living with a devastating illness like Sickle Cell Disease. We offer support groups to help adult, and youth clients, their families, and caregivers develop tools to regain a sense of control over their lives.

Our support groups give participants the opportunity to meet and share information, while giving moral support to their peers. Our experienced and compassionate social worker facilitates and guides discussions. Presented in small-group settings she encourages questions and in-depth discussions.

Our Support Groups provide the following:


These Ongoing Support Groups are usually held every 4 to 5 weeks, Saturday 11 AM to 12:30 PM, in our conference room, or local community center.


Teen -to- Adult Health Transition Program

“New Beginnings” for teens with SCD. This program is designed as a supplemental educational and support tool to help teens with SCD to successfully transition from pediatric to adult medical care.

Our Annual Programs For Clients and Families


Summer Camp – Ages 6 to16 Double H Hole in the Woods Ranch

Every year our families our encouraged to allow their children to attend the Double H Ranch summer camp, located at Lake Luzerne, NY. The Double H Ranch, co-founded by Charles R. Wood and Paul Newman, provides specialized programs and year-round support for children and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

All children are under the watchful care of fully trained staff 24/7 – including doctors, nurses and camp counselors. A fully equipped med-clinic is on site with a general Hospital within 10 minutes of the camp.

Our children are transported to-and-from camp by our Executive Director and treated to 5 days of food and fun at no cost to our families.


Sickle Cell Family Day

A day of Food and Fun for Families! This is a social-recreational event held on a Saturday, near the end of summer, just before kids return to school, at a location chosen by the children in our program, by majority vote. In recent years, the Carlisle Sports Emporium has become a favorite choice of the kids. FREE for all participating Sickle Cell families! A day of Family, Food and Fun!

To learn more about any program, service, or group please call: (717) 234-3358, or Email:

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